Locksmith Services in New York City

We Service: Harlem, Upper West Side, Sugar Hill and Washington Heights
We are located at the corner of 8th Avenue and West 112th Street.
All types of locks installed and repaired. Door Closures and Lockout Service Provided.

Lock Problems?

Lock installations, repairs and emergency services in New York, Harlem, Upper Side West, Sugar Hill and Washington Heights, NY

Are you worried about the locks on your property? Do you need a professional locksmith to repair a damaged or broken lock? You can get a tighter security system and have a professional come repair your faulty locks with help from Locksmith Trademaster. We offer residential and commercial lock installation and repair services for the community of New York, NY including: Harlem, Upper West Side, Sugar Hill and Washington Heights.

Secure your most valuable belongings with Locksmith Trademaster

Do you feel safe with the security locks on your property? Your locks are the only physical barrier between your assets and those who would take them from you. Let Locksmith Trademasters lessen your worries and minimalize risks with our lock installation services. Our locksmiths can provide high-quality locks to keep you and your possessions safe in the New York, NY area. We provide locks for:

Window gates | Fire escape gates | Door gates | Fences | Safes | Fire exit doors | Panic bars | Buzzer Systems

We have high-quality brands for you in New York, NY

For all of your locksmith-related concerns, Locksmith Trademaster uses only the best products available on the market. We carry the following brands:

Jimmy Proof | Modeco | Mul-T-Lock | Marks USA | Schlage | Corbin Russwin | Arrow Locks | SARGENT | Segal

Get the peace of mind you deserve and know that your valuable possessions are secure with Locksmith Trademaster. We offer around-the-clock services, so call 212-866-1226 today for new locks or emergency repairs in New York City.