Restore Your Faulty Locks With Locksmith Trademaster in New York City

Do you have a damaged door lock that needs repairing? A quality security system is necessary to keep you and your belongings protected. If your locks are not working properly, our team at Locksmith Trademaster has the skills and experience to unlock the problem.

Three ways to know that you need a repair

Three ways to know that you need a repair

Make sure that your residential or commercial property is always protected with strong and reliable locks. If you're experiencing any of the below problems, you need to call us for repairs immediately:

  • You can put your key in the lock, but cannot turn it
  • Your door lock is misaligned, preventing the lock from functioning properly
  • You can turn the key, but the bolt does not operate
If your door lock is beyond repair, we'll replace the system with our premium products.

Don't let your property be susceptible to theft and break-ins because of a faulty lock. Call 212-866-1226 today to schedule a repair. We'll have your locks working like brand new in no time.